JULY 2020

Brand Identity Vs. Brand Image

SARAH L. / Branding

Brand identity and brand image are terms that are often used interchangeably because they sound the same. However, the reality is far from the truth. The fact is that brand image and brand identity are quite different concepts, so they need to be distinguished and understood clearly.

Brand identity can be defined as the visible elements of your brand that enable your customers to distinguish and identify it. These visible elements include your logo, color palette, and typography, and are responsible for visually representing your brand. These elements work collectively to communicate your brand accurately, consistently, and creatively to form an impression on your customers’ minds. For instance, Chanel’s black logo background and high-quality packages add to its identity of a high-end luxury store.

Unlike brand identity, your brand image is the perception of your customers that is founded on their interaction and experience with your brand. It is only through these direct and indirect encounters that your consumers form a set of impressions, ideas, and beliefs about your brand. As your customers experience your brand, they develop a perception about it that adds to your image. Having said that, perceptions change and so does the brand image. For instance, some fast-food giants that were known for their convenience and affordability are struggling because they haven’t kept up with the changing dining habits.

While these definitions give a brief description of your brand identity and brand image, several differences between them set them apart. Getting to know these differences is very important for having a strong brand identity that comes with an indelible brand image.

Key differences between brand identity and brand image