Business Ideas To Start From Home During Lockdown In India

SARAH L. / Branding

As the global villain Covid-19 forced us into our home, the whole world came to a standstill, while the pandemic ran free. Challenging the present as few events have in the recent past, the deadly virus has propelled us to an uncertain future, and that’s, to put it mildly. Even after the vaccines finally come out and life starts returning back to normal – although what that ‘normal’ will be is a big question mark in itself – who is to say our problems will be eradicated?

As the Indian economy is officially collapsing with a record 23.9% decrease in GDP this quarter, about 122 million people have already lost their jobs due to the pandemic lockdown and economic slowdown. And seeing how things are looking bleak for the future, the employed too are constantly living in fear of being sacked at the drop of a hat. Surrounded by these dark clouds, it’s difficult to see the silver lining. But in these trying times, even a single try can be worth the effort. As they say, it is when the stakes are high that the individual rises up to the challenge.

That’s why we’ve brought you some tips and ideas to tune into your entrepreneurial spirit, and think about kick-starting your own business during the lockdown. Who knows, the Coronavirus might just be a blessing in disguise.

Zoom into your talents

It’s not that the Zoom app didn’t exist before the pandemic, but its popularity has skyrocketed since February. This video conferencing app today has become an essential part of our everyday lifestyle in no time, as people from different niches rely on it to connect with their peers, friends, and family. While most employ Zoom as the next best thing to physical meetups, some have used it to monetize their talents with great effect. And you too can make the most of this app to kickstart your business from home by Zoom-ing in on your talent and skills.

From workout tips to dance tutorials, online lessons, and personal consulting, you can easily build and reach out to your customer-base on Zoom. If you consider yourself an expert on something, you can easily offer online consultations for both the young and old. Besides Zoom, you can start your own YouTube channel too. Although you can’t start making bank on YT as quickly as Zoom, it is the best platform to attract a more permanent customer base, which pays great dividends in the long run. Once you have more than a thousand subscribers and sufficient watch time, you can start earning right at home.

Here’s a quick recap of the above point :-

  • Start your business from home by using zoom to monetize your talents and skill
  • Opportunity to create consistent and quality content on YouTube
  • From online lessons to workout tips, create whatever content you can to reach out to your customer base

There’s always freelancing!

Freelancing has never been the conventional choice for seeking employment. And the daring ones who test the freelancing waters can have a hard time debunking the myths associated with it. Even so, the lockdown has opened many eyes and minds to the possibility that freelancing is a profitable avenue worth investing in. As conventional nine-to-five jobs take a backseat, freelancing is predicted to become a permanent fixture. After all, it’s a more financially practical, physically safer, and more time enhancing way to market your skills and earn money.

Whether it’s content marketing, web designing, or digital marketing, freelancing offers a lot of scope for working from home with more freedom and better flexibility. There are several freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, 99 designs, Freelancer, and even LinkedIn, that invite you to learn how to earn money during the lockdown with your skills. Make the most of what these international portals offer and start freelancing today!

Here’s a quick snapshot of the above points

  • Freelancing offers a wide scope of options for working from home and could be a good option to test during the lockdown
  • Freelancing platforms invite you to learn how to earn money during the lockdown with your skills

Start an online business.

There’s no question that the lockdown has had some good things to it, such as the DIY projects people have undertaken to learn something new. From handicrafts to toys, needlework, and cooking, you can create almost anything and sell it by setting up an online store. If you’ve been looking to get your own unique startup idea up and running, there’s no better time and opportunity than right now.

An at-home business also has the added perks of deducted overhead costs, flexibility of hours, and of course, no expenditure for renting or buying warehouse or office space. As you set up your business at home, you also get to be your own boss. Your start may be slow, but don’t let that deter you, because that’s how global brands such as Amway, Nike, and Hallmark got where they are today.

Here’s a gist of the above points

  • Use this time to put your start up business idea into execution
  • Added perks of no need for any additional costs and expenditures as in renting and office etc. can be a motivating factor to start

Go for a hyperlocal delivery service

The lockdown has put a full stop on many social activities, with most things from essentials to luxury now being delivered right at your doorstep. With online delivery taking precedence over conventional shopping, you have a window of opportunity by setting up a hyperlocal delivery service from your home.

Restricted to local areas, these services are meant to deliver specific products to specific locations. Starting from delivering groceries, electronics, medicines, and food, there’s no limit to what more you can add to the list as your business flourishes. Hyperlocal delivery services are not just limited to local businesses. Even hot-shot companies have recognized the potential behind it and are now investing heavily in it.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the above points

  • Opportunity to set up a hyperlocal delivery service from your home
  • Deliver groceries, medicines or food to get started with your delivery service from home

Your home - a job seeker’s marketplace!

The Indian economy is at great peril at the moment, and the ones who are bearing the brunt are the employees who have been let go, while others struggle to hold onto their job. Despite these letdowns, you can do a favor to both job seekers and yourself by starting up an online marketplace and engaging with customers during quarantine.

Although there are plenty more platforms that do the same, you can contribute to the rising demand by starting an online business during the lockdown by being a direct employer to job seekers. This venture has an added benefit because it demands very less monetary investment and is perfect for earning money during the lockdown in a collaborative effort. Unlike your competitors who have a large pool of candidates to look after, you get the added perk of hiring a narrow group of people that best fit your niche.

It’s easy to feel discouraged and depressed in the present circumstances. But only the courageous will take the road less traveled during these thorny times. Once you get going, it is imperative to not lose sight of the future. And as long you can find the silver lining, you can always find your way from home.

Starting an online business at home allows you to be your own boss, as you set your own pace and rules to make the most of this opportunity. As they say – anybody can be an entrepreneur. So now is your time to make it big and your home is the place where it happens.

Here’s a quick summary of the above point

  • The state of the economy doesn’t look good with many employees being cut from their positions
  • Give an opportunity to yourself and job seekers by creating an online marketplace
  • The perfect time to be an entrepreneur and make the most of this opportunity