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3 out of every 5 clients give us a 4/5 satisfaction score when our working relationship culminates. The remaining 2 haven’t stopped working with us.

SimplePlan is born out of the simple idea that turning ideas into reality should be a memorable experience. Because somewhere along the way the world decided that getting a website developed or an app designed or a marketing campaign planned needs to be heavy on the pocket and hard on your mind.

We’re here to change that.

At SimplePlan, you won’t find communication to be cold or the heat on your pocket. Instead, you will experience workmanship of the highest quality generously sprinkled with a human touch.

Our Story

At SimplePlan, we’re a team of seasoned digital experts with several years of experience who have come together because we weren’t happy with the way our work was being delivered to the world. Most of us have worked with each other for extended periods of time at different organization at different times.

The seeds of SimplePlan were sown on a cold winter night with a regular email notification ding. A long-term client was satisfied with the satisfactory work done on his project and cracked an innocent joke in his thank-you message before pointing it out that the work done, though very efficient, was a bit too robotic for him. This led to an investigative journey where we talked to several hundred previous clients and realized that many others felt the same way.

What we were doing, all this time – deliver projects, right as the clients specified, without putting any real head into the same. Our clients never really felt the value of us being the so-called “experts”, instead, they were the ones who got the actual work done. All we were doing, was, execute.

So we decided to do something about it. We all left our previous organizations and banded together to form SimplePlan. A place where you can come share your ideas with us and see them take shape into something more than you ever imagined.

Good work turns into great work when we work towards a goal greater than just delivering a project.

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Guru Of The Day On Web Guru Awards

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Website Featured On Landbook

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