A UK-based cashflow and credit management platform that enables businesses to streamline invoices, track cashflow funnels, and automate credit management processes.



Itsettled is a platform dedicated to cash flow and credit management for small and medium businesses to improve their cash flow.

The brand empowers small and medium businesses in collecting their debts and nurturing customer relationships simultaneously.

ItSettled is helmed by Glen Morgan, a credit industry expert renowned as an advisor to the UK Government’s Parliamentary Review and Leadership Council on late payment. The brand is dedicated to equipping every UK business with the means to efficiently manage their debts and ensure timely payments, all while nurturing positive relationships with their valued clientele. Serving as the perfect solution for businesses seeking a reliable credit controller, ItSettled is celebrated for affording its customers the mental space required to focus on nurturing their thriving enterprises.

In June of 2021, Itsettled approached us to redesign their website and optimize the user journey for a better experience.

The Challenge

The old Itsettled website primarily suffered from a lack of user-friendliness. For instance, it used a form-based approach that redirected users to a new page for results. Such a disjointed flow hindered the user’s journey and discouraged the user from understanding of how Itsettled boosts cash flow – the latter being necessary for long-term customer loyalty.

Additionally, creating a compelling and cohesive visual identity, and keeping up with the latest aesthetic trends was necessary to enhance brand visibility and engagement. The challenge was to stick to the brand’s aesthetics while streamlining the experience. The website had to harmonize with the brand’s identity while offering functionality, uniqueness, and an established appearance.

ItSettled turns late payments into strong customer relationships and helps businesses focus on growth by handling their credit control.

SimplePlan redesigned and developed the Itsettled website on Webflow to comprehensively and substantially solve for its issues – all within a span of 6 months.

How did SimplePlan do it?

Guided by a comprehensive understanding of the brand as well as the demands of the current times, SimplePlan revitalized Itsettled. The aim was to infuse it with a contemporary whimsical aesthetic, thereby reinstating its status as a pioneer in innovative solutions.

Redesigned user experience

The website redesign also meant an opportunity to optimize the user’s journey — from a website visitor to an Itsettled customer. The website encourages users to see Itsettled in action and understand how it enhances their business’s cash flow. On the old website, this was done through a form which, when submitted, spat out the numbers on a new page. We decided to streamline this flow and optimize it for clarity of context, information, and statistics. On the new website, the result table gets populated as a user fills in details.


On the visual side of things, our core focus was to shed the brand’s old-fashioned corporate run-of-the-mill look and help Itsettled step into the new decade with vigor and passion. To this end, the new design language employs a juicy juxtaposition of bright colors, and custom illustrations complemented by subtle transitions and interactions.

The color palette for Itsettled merges warm and vibrant hues seamlessly. Warm gray, sacré bleu, and coral capture professionalism, innovation, and energy. Meanwhile, yolk, teal, and lilac add boldness, balance, and creativity — creating a dynamic and modern visual identity that deeply resonates with the audience. This palette achieves a harmonious blend of modernity, infusing professionalism with a playful, distinctive character.

The new design language seamlessly blends a lively palette of bright colors with custom illustrations that are communicative as well as effective. These illustrations are not only visually engaging but also effective, adding a playful, approachable, and simple touch to the brand’s identity. They’re strategically incorporated to aid communication and make the platform more user-friendly, ensuring a dynamic and modern look that resonates with the audience.

Because the brand service is empowering, innovative, and user-friendly, its platform is intuitive, feature-rich, and customer-centric.

SimplePlan was able to craft a new look for the website that reflected the core ethos of Itsettled: a new, innovative, and energetic way of credit management.








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