Gutly is a compassionate brand that empowers people to live a healthy lifestyle through its inventory of organic gut-friendly supplements. It especially creates easy-to-digest and minimally processed supplements for health enthusiasts who value authenticity





Gutly's branding exemplifies authenticity, fostering an inclusive atmosphere. Through transparent communication, it not only builds trust but also inspires its audience to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Vibrant yet clean packaging design to embody the spirit of the brand.
Playful frames that inject whimsy and vitality into images.
A brand experience that celebrates the organic by embracing vibrant colours that symbolize freshness, vitality, and authenticity.

Gutly enables its customers to enjoy the benefits of health supplements without compromising on digestive health.

The packaging is bold yet minimal - just like the Gutly brand.
Gutly’s branding is nourishing yet premium. The logo’s friendly form exemplifies the values that make up Gutly.
Gutly’s website exemplifies the brands values through welcoming graphics and a seamlessly insightful user experience.

"We’re extremely satisfied with the end product. The Brand Strategy and Redesigned Logo have given our brand a fresh and appealing identity. The Print-on-packaging Design has enhanced our product visibility."

Nowell Chua, GUTLY
Gutly is a game changer for fitness enthusiasts looking for supplements that are easy on their tummy!
Gutly’s Big Idea — No If, No But, Happy Gut.
Born from personal experience, the Gutly brand strives to empower a healthier lifestyle for fitness enthusiasts.
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