SRM is a volunteer-led organization that encourages and inspires people toward the journey inward. Under the guidance of Sri Guru, the organization endeavours to come together as a platform to help others discover the true path to self-actualization.





SRM’s branding highlights its tenet of achieving happiness - eternal and infinite. With a simple yet sophisticated approach, it exemplifies discipline, rationality, and enlightenment—the brand's core values.

Shrimad Rajchandra Mission (SRM) is the culmination and continuation of years of efforts to encourage and inspire people toward the journey inwards. Under the guidance of Sri Guru, the organization endeavors to come together as a platform to help others discover the true path to self-actualization. The volunteer-led organization is not just a spiritual group. It is rather a coalition of truth seekers who come together to explore the greater meaning of life. SRM focuses on creating a critical and experiential understanding of shastras, that illuminates the path to liberation.

Named after the revered Saint Shrimad Rajchandraji, whose teachings form the foundation of the Mission, this non-sectarian organization harmonizes the essence of various spiritual traditions. It recognizes the intrinsic reason and logic underlying every concept, religion, symbol, and testament. The Mission, led by the Guru, emphasizes the attainment of inner bliss through selflessness and all-inclusivity.

The Mission travels to numerous countries, reaching distant places to kindle the spark of human potential lying dormant within all. Shrimad Rajchandra Mission is a beacon of spiritual wisdom, fostering a profound connection with the inner self and spreading the light of inspiration across the globe.

SRM lives and breathes the sacred tenet of achieving happiness- eternal and infinite, supported through boundless Knowledge, the highest Devotion, and experiential Meditation.

Over an intensive 8-month partnership, SimplePlan collaborated with Shrimad Rajchandra Mission (SRM) to craft a distinctive brand identity and develop a purposeful digital presence in the form of a website and an app. This engagement focused on aligning SRM’s spiritual ethos with modern digital accessibility, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and technology. SimplePlan’s expertise enriched SRM’s brand and digital presence, ensuring a meaningful connection with their audience.

The Challenge

Organizations frequently opt to revamp their identity to enhance approachability and incorporate compelling storytelling, fostering a deeper connection with their consumers. This strategic evolution aims to create a more relatable brand persona, allowing consumers to engage on a personal level with the narrative woven into the brand’s visual elements.

By infusing storytelling into the brand’s design, the objective is to go beyond mere aesthetics and establish an emotional resonance, making the brand more accessible and relatable to its audience. 

The primary challenge faced by Shrimad Rajchandra Mission (SRM) revolved around the redesign and development of their existing website. The objective was to transform it into a stellar platform that authentically narrates the brand’s story while maintaining user-friendly functionality. This task required a careful balance between aesthetic enhancements and structural changes, ensuring an engaging and intuitive online experience for visitors. 

The challenge was to seamlessly integrate modern design principles and storytelling elements into the website, aligning it with SRM’s spiritual essence and providing a user-friendly interface for effective communication of their teachings. This same approach was also applied to the app.

SRM emphasizes employing clean and inviting design elements to attract a discerning audience and convey their narrative through aesthetic elements.

What did SimplePlan do?

SimplePlan’s collaboration with Shrimad Rajchandra Mission, Delhi (SRM) successfully addressed branding and website challenges. We executed a complete custom UI/UX redesign of SRM’s website, focusing on a clean and inviting aesthetic aligned with SRM’s new branding. Along with this, we also created a new logo for the brand that exemplified its simplicity. 

The WordPress-based backend, integrated with Woocommerce, facilitated easy content management and eCommerce functionalities. Seamless plugins were added for course integration and other essential features.

In tandem, SimplePlan crafted a mobile app with a cohesive design aesthetic mirroring the website’s look and feel, developed using React Native for cross-platform accessibility on both Android and iOS. The app retained design consistency, excluding eCommerce and course features.

The collaboration prioritized user experiences for three distinct categories – Website Visitors, Registered Users, and Admin. The website allows visitors to explore SRM, sign up, view courses, watch videos, and download ebook PDFs. Registered users gain access to personalized dashboards, order tracking, video libraries, and eCommerce functionalities. Admin capabilities include backend system access, content management, product and course administration, order oversight, and user management.

Other than this, we also designed several collaterals for the SRM brand including social media templates, stationary, brochures, and finally a documentary video. 

This comprehensive digital transformation, achieved through collaboration and leveraging SRM’s provided content, established a cohesive and user-friendly online presence that authentically communicates SRM’s mission and resonates with its diverse audience.








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