Gutly is a compassionate brand that empowers people to live a healthy lifestyle through its inventory of organic gut-friendly supplements. It especially creates easy-to-digest and minimally processed supplements for health enthusiasts who value authenticity





Gutly's branding exemplifies authenticity, fostering an inclusive atmosphere. Through transparent communication, it not only builds trust but also inspires its audience to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Gutly is a compassionate brand that empowers people to live a healthy and active lifestyle. With its inventory of clean and gut-friendly supplements, the brand enables its customers to enjoy the benefits of health supplements without compromising on digestive health.

Gutly values truthful and self-evident communication.  It offers products that are transparently formulated with organic ingredients and inspired by natural methods.

An Australia-based company, Gutly strives to revolutionize its industry by bridging the gap in knowledge about selecting the right products for healthy living and how to deal with IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome).

Over the course of 8 transformative months, Our team at SimplePlan embarked on a comprehensive journey to shape the Gutly brand from its foundational roots to a fully activated identity. This encompassed every aspect of the brand evolution, from crafting a strategic framework to meticulous activation efforts, ensuring no detail was overlooked in our pursuit of excellence.

The Challenge

A successful brand empathizes with its audience and endeavors to aid them in overcoming obstacles. In today’s crowded marketplace, where countless products vie for attention, a standout brand crafts a relatable narrative and delivers a consistently exceptional experience, distinguishing itself amidst competition.

By encouraging its customers to make informed decisions when it comes to health, the brand strives to create an empowered audience capable of choosing what’s right for their health. Gutly recognized the need for a powerful brand identity that relayed its values. 

A vibrant yet balanced essence that celebrates the organic while embracing the harmony found in nature.

How did SimplePlan do it?

SimplePlan executed a comprehensive approach to address the challenges faced by Gutly, focusing on elements such as logo redesign, brand strategy, and a revamped print-on-packaging design. Recognizing the importance of a strong visual identity, we initiated the process by changing the brand’s name to one that is catchy yet relevant and memorable.

Next, the logo redesign focused on capturing the essence of the brand — nourishing, premium, and friendly. 

The brand strategy unfolded with a meticulous exploration of purpose, vision, mission, and tone of voice, ensuring alignment with Gutly’s values of empathy and transparency. 

The print-on-packaging redesign was a visual masterpiece, a fusion of creativity and functionality. Armed with the client’s specifications, SimplePlan crafted a design that seamlessly integrated with the product’s physical dimensions and die-cuts, enhancing the overall packaging aesthetics. 

A comprehensive Brand Usage Guide was then developed, outlining the do’s and don’ts of brand asset utilization to maintain a cohesive and impactful visual presence across various platforms.

In the digital realm, we undertook a thorough website transformation, incorporating a custom UI/UX design that elevated the user experience. Stylescapes were meticulously explored to define brand and website color schemes, typography, and visual elements, creating a harmonious online presence.

Photo and video integration played a crucial role, with SimplePlan collaborating closely with the client to ensure visually stunning content aligned with Gutly’s brand image. A direction was articulated to maintain consistency, offering guidelines for visual elements, fonts, and color usage.

Not stopping at aesthetics, SimplePlan seamlessly integrated Shopify for efficient product management, facilitating a streamlined online shopping experience. The website content website was then refined to ensure a cohesive narrative that resonated with the brand’s ethos. Through this holistic approach, SimplePlan not only addressed Gutly’s challenges but also paved the way for a visually captivating and strategically sound brand presence, empowering Gutly to thrive in its market with renewed vitality and consumer appeal.




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