Gravette’s obsession with good design and expertise in advanced engineering provides modern solutions for people.







Gravette is a powerful brand that elevates everyday living through versatile gadgets. It creates unexampled mod cons for technophiles whose passion for technology is analogous to theirs.

Gravette’s obsession with good design and expertise in advanced engineering provides modern solutions for people who desire adroitness.

A California-based tech company, Gravette, is on a mission to redefine the world of electronics. The brand’s dedication to innovation forms the core of its identity, driving the creation of multifunctional products recognized for their advanced engineering and sophisticated design.

With a primary focus on delivering advanced technological solutions for everyday living, Gravette is committed to making convenience accessible and transforming future possibilities into present-day realities. The company’s forward momentum is fueled by the shared passion of its team for all things technology. This collective enthusiasm also then extends to a steadfast commitment to delivering impeccable tech support, and post-purchase services strengthening the bond between Gravette and its customers.

Across a period of 6 months, our team at SimplePlan designed and developed the Gravette brand from the ground up — from brand strategy to brand activation and everything in between.


A good brand connects the functionality of a business with the purpose it serves for the world and the impact it seeks to create thereby. The essence of such a brand identity is rooted in its foundational pillars and values.

Gravette stands as a trailblazing technology brand committed to enhancing everyday existence. Thus, its brand identity is meticulously tailored to exhibit a passion for innovation, proficiency in technology, and a minimalist design ethos.

Clean and minimal design elements underline the brand’s focus on utility without superfluity.

Clean and minimal design elements underline the brand’s focus on utility without superfluity.
Bringing Gravette to Life

Through expertise, dedication, a comprehensive understanding of the brand, and a genuine commitment to our client’s vision, SimplePlan translated the brand’s vision into a tangible, visually engaging experience for the target audience.

Starting from the brand name, the smart living tech solutions company was named “Gravette”, pronounced “gra-vi-tee”, to convey the power and solemnity that its solutions carry. The name inspires both trust and the timeless principle of innovation that drives the brand’s approach to simplify life.

For a unified character across all sources of communication, internal or external, the brand’s tone of voice is aligned with its personality and adhered to consistently. We adopt a conversational volume to convey its everyday appeal but infuse it with effervescent energy to match the brand’s passion and excitement for technology. A proactive approach is the hallmark of the brand’s communication, enabling effective conveyance of ideas and products.

Attention to detail has fuelled the design choices to establish Gravette authentically as well as impressionably. Gravette, as a brand, drives the forefront of technology. It is where precision combines with engineering to deliver high-quality products that elevate everyday living. The Gravette logo also relays this consistency and uniformity in mind through its monolithic construction. The UI employs clean and minimal design elements that further underline the brand’s focus on utility without superfluity. The packaging design, too, is cohesive, minimalistic, and informative maintaining the design consistency while relaying brand information.

“Gravette's modern identity is powered by advanced technology, creative thinking, and unwavering passion. This combination empowers the brand to offer stylish and innovative solutions to contemporary challenges.”

For a forward-thinking tech solutions brand, the website had to exude sophistication not just in terms of design but also development, offering advanced features that captivate users at every stage of their brand journey. The website achieves this by employing an innovative structure to aid its overall communication strategy, providing users with fresh experiences and clear information as they explore the brand.

Gravette embodies a groundbreaking approach to everyday living; its branding too, therefore, brings that drive when communicating Gravette’s narrative to the world – that it is a brand which dared to reimagine and seeks to move ahead and beyond the way the world works right now!







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  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Messaging
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • 3D Modelling & Rendering
  • Packaging Design
  • Illustrations
  • Shopify Development
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Brand Activation & Launch