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Paddy Compare is an Irish insurance comparison platform enabling individuals to find the best insurance coverage deals across a range of fields.







Paddy Compare connects its customers with insurance brokers based on their specific needs, providing insurance comparison services that empower them to discover the best deals.

Paddy Compare has been a significant player in the online insurance industry for a decade, effectively providing consumers with insurance quotes for various needs, including car, home, van, and more. Paddy Compare offers a dual-value proposition. It streamlines the insurance acquisition process for customers through a single form submission, granting access to multiple insurance brokers, ultimately saving time and effort. Simultaneously, it assists insurance brokers by ensuring a steady stream of leads — generated when potential customers complete a form. This mutually beneficial partnership streamlines the consumer experience and supports brokers in expanding their clientele, cementing Paddy Compare’s significance in the industry.

Paddy Compare needed a clean website layout with inviting colors, clear CTAs, and compelling content.
The Challenge

Our main challenge involved modernizing a decade-old website and branding, tailored for the core target audience: Irish citizens aged 18 to 65 actively seeking insurance quotes. The mascot logo, starring a leprechaun, and a color scheme primarily focused on green and orange, had started to show their age. Recognizing the necessity of presenting a fresh, professional image to both users and partners.

Furthermore, the brand aimed to project a more professional and dependable image to its network of insurance brokers, crucial for the company’s revenue stream. It was essential for customers to have confidence in entrusting their personal information to Paddy Compare. The existing brand image had lost its sheen in this regard. Additionally, certain offerings, like life insurance, necessitated a more solemn and reliable brand image, one that could instill trust in customers seeking security during times of need.

The Strategy

In response to these challenges, SimplePlan initiated a comprehensive rebranding and marketing strategy central to which was an exhaustive competitor analysis. Our core mission — to connect users with the right insurance — became our guiding star in the process.

By meticulously dissecting the competitive landscape, SimplePlan gleaned invaluable insights into best practices, competitors’ vulnerabilities, and the market gaps it could effectively leverage.

Addressing the two primary user groups — customers and brokers — was paramount. It was imperative to instill a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness in both segments. This newfound focus on professionalism and dependability stood at the core of the revamped brand identity.

The heart of this transformation was the core value proposition that Paddy Compare was here to provide insurance services that both customers and brokers could trust.
How did SimplePlan do it?

SimplePlan embraced the rebranding and marketing project with equal measures of determination and enthusiasm, crafting a successful outcome through unwavering commitment and our signature pursuit of nothing short of perfection.

The first step involved a pivotal transition, bidding farewell to the leprechaun mascot in favor of a more modern and elegant logo. SimplePlan’s proposed logo for Paddy consists of concentric circles dipped in the brand colors to depict selecting the best out of many options through Paddy’s platform. The color scheme underwent a transformation too, embracing a clean and contemporary aesthetic characterized by warm, inviting hues — a crucial element for establishing a stronger connection with the target audience.

The existing website was green and orange, colors that are prevalent in their operative country, Ireland; but it was time for something more modern and professional.

The transformation wasn’t just visual or skin-deep; it was deeply rooted in strategic decisions derived from thorough market research.

We meticulously designed landing pages tailored to specific insurance categories, fine-tuning them for targeted keywords and enriching their content delivery to ensure it’s concise and engaging. Our comprehensive SEO strategy addressed both on-page and off-page aspects. On-page enhancements involved fine-tuning meta tags and alt tags, while our off-page initiatives included a strategic approach to building backlinks and listings in relevant directories.

Content underwent a makeover, grounded in meticulous keyword research, ensuring alignment with user search intent. icons and illustrations were introduced to enhance the user experience, which not only added a warm and inviting touch but also made the content more visually appealing.

We also redeveloped the front-end to improve the design of landing pages, making them more engaging and user-friendly. The coding was done in a way that is compatible with the existing PHP backend code. We carried out Google Ads analysis to enable the implementation of optimized remarketing strategies. Optimization of the onboarding form, along with other minor adjustments, aimed to enhance the user experience and encourage conversions.

SimplePlan also adopted a focused approach to Paddy’s social media, developing and executing strategies that raised brand visibility and engagement.

The Results

The site traffic witnessed a substantial increase, indicative of the improved user journey that resulted in visitors spending more time on the website. Ongoing SEO initiatives yielded higher search engine rankings, strengthening Paddy Compare’s online presence and discoverability.

Most importantly, the rebranding campaign proved successful in conveying a more professional and trustworthy image to customers. Paddy Compare is now better positioned to attract and retain customers, particularly for the sale of serious products like life insurance. The transition significantly improved brand perception, aligning with the client’s objectives and making the company more appealing to both its target customers and brokers.

Paddy Compare’s brand overhaul driven by a successful rebranding and marketing campaign by SimplePlan Media, hence, was a success! By projecting a more professional and trustworthy image, we reshaped Paddy’s identity and strengthened its market position.


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