Developed by chronobiologists and lighting experts, Loop, created by Osin, is a new kind of desk lamp that mimics natural light to support your circadian rhythm.





The Osin brand embodies a passionate collective of technologists and scientists committed to addressing circadian disruption and promoting circadian health. Their pioneering circadian lighting, 'The Loop', is a testament to this mission.

Osin is rooted in nature, powered by innovation, and designed for enhanced human well-being.

In the words of Osin’s founder, Ralph Booth, Osin believes everyone deserves the right light at the right time, so they are making circadian alignment technology simple, easy, and accessible to everyone. Osin wants to empower people to lift their energy, mood, and cognitive ability, and enjoy the benefits that come from a healthy, well-aligned circadian rhythm.

Across 2 months, we created an entire brand and design system that spanned Osin’s website as well as the app along with social media, and other forms of advertising and marketing.

The Challenge

Osin approached us with a unique vision: to build a brand that not only encourages its audience to bring ‘The Loop’ home but also advocates the significance of circadian health. Osin recognizes that a comprehensive understanding of circadian health can lead to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

By encouraging their audience to explore circadian health further, they aim to create an informed and empowered community that prioritizes holistic well-being. Osin recognized the need for powerful branding that genuinely understands and communicates its purpose.

Charting Osin’s way into the world

A strong brand identity for Osin would naturally revolve around the collaboration of technology and nature to mirror its idea behind the smart lamp – The Loop. It is one of the core values that define the overall nature of the company and represent the essence of the brand.

Additionally, Osin required a brand strategy that effectively conveyed its core values and philanthropic motivations through both copy and design. Only by first helping its audience gain a deeper understanding of circadian health, could Osin explain the Loop and its value to them.

The website exudes a technical, natural, and approachable ambiance, conveying a future that's inclusive for all and a commitment to restoring human health to its natural, healthier essence.
How did SimplePlan do it?

SimplePlan crafted Osin’s brand, website, and mobile app to amplify its narrative and effectively speak to the right audience.

The color palette of the Osin brand takes its inspiration from the hues of nature – shades of orange for the morning hours, and shades of blue for when the sun begins its descent from the sky. These colors, then, went on to be consistently employed in the website, logomark, and the mobile app for Osin.

Our team carried out an extensive design exploration for Osin’s logo, recognizing its crucial role within the brand’s core identity. While the initial concept featured a realistic symbol of illumination (the bulb), further refinements resulted in a more abstract representation of the ‘illumination’ concept via a traditional-looking ‘O’ that also doubles up as the sun – the OG illuminator. As a brand, Osin doesn’t just offer circadian lighting solutions it also aims to usher in a culture of circadian wellness backed by information and driven by cutting-edge tech. The logotype, therefore, features letterforms that are soft and rounded at the edges to make for a welcoming, friendly, and approachable aesthetic.

As with Osin’s marketing website, unlike traditional e-commerce website experiences, Osin’s site encourages shoppers to first understand the product fully before going through the buying process. The technology and concept behind the Loop are rooted in nature which is also reflected in the website’s visual imagery. The card styles, too, reflect the workings of the Loop – alternating between orange and blue colors.

We also crafted distinctive illustrations for the website. These illustrations, in addition to their contextual relevance, possess a touch of magical realism. Like the logotype, they maintain a gentle, handcrafted aesthetic, inviting the audience to explore the realm of circadian wellness.

The Osin website seamlessly combines user-friendly navigation, in-depth scientific exploration, technology insights, community engagement, interactive content, and easy subscription options. It’s designed for a smooth and informative experience, catering to those interested in circadian health and technology.

After we delivered the brand identity and the marketing website for Osin, the next stop was the loT-powered companion mobile app that allows users to make full use of the Loop. It was designed as a companion app for the Loop, enabling users to fully utilize its wide range of features. Our deliverables included mobile app UX design, interface design, embedded development, and finally app development. An engaging and unique touch that SimplePlan put in the app was how the main screen of the app welcomes the users with time-based messages that help personalize the app experience.

SimplePlan's branding had to redefine aesthetics, much like 'The Loop' was revolutionizing technology and its significance in our daily lives.

Through information and tech, OSIN is working towards a world where circadian disruption is an anomaly rather than the norm. Consequently, its branding necessitated the same level of uniqueness, innovation, and sophistication as the brand itself.





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