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A SimplePlan Partner for the last 5 years, Bucket List is a non-profit supporting underprivileged children to achieve holistic growth and development.







Bucket List is an Indian non-profit organization committed to empowering street-connected children with the skills and opportunities they need to realize their full potential by providing stability and driving positive changes in their behavior and outlook on life.

A bucket list is more than a checklist of expensive wishes, it’s a reflection of one’s daring to dream, a courage to imagine, and a commitment to fulfill those dreams.

Bucket List’s primary goal is to alleviate the suffering experienced by street children across different facets of life. The UN estimates that there are 150 million street-connected children worldwide; 2 million out of those are in India alone. Bucket List works on 6 major verticals to help each child in reaching their full potential – physically, mentally, emotionally as well as socially. Their solution is driven by the belief that instilling a capacity of aspiration along with awareness, and hard skills in these children could break the cycle of poverty and social exclusion for their entire families and future generations.

SimplePlan has been supporting Bucket List for over five years, dedicated to their comprehensive brand development, encompassing everything from their website to marketing initiatives and all that they represent.

The Challenge

An non-profit needs a brand identity to build credibility. A recognizable brand fosters trust, attracts support, and ensures consistency in conveying the organization’s mission and values. It also aids fundraising and partnership formation. A well-known brand can also attract talented staff and volunteers and enhance the organization’s ability to achieve its mission and goals.

Additionally, non-profits today face extensive skepticism regarding their intentions and use of funds. Building and maintaining trust is a perpetual challenge, especially in an environment where skepticism can be high.

To tackle all these concerns, the brand narrative had to encompass all the multifaceted issues that the brand addressed, which in Bucket List’s case were poverty, education, healthcare, and mental wellness – all intersecting to provide its children the best life. It needed its brand identity to encompass all nuances of this cause and bring it to the unity of its spirit.

SimplePlan doesn’t complicate the brand’s approach, nor does it reduce it; it recognizes that a true brand identity can be as multifaceted as a real person.
How did SimplePlan do it?

Committed to the cause from its initial development stages, SimplePlan is one of the first sponsors of Bucket List. But that certainly isn’t all. SimplePlan poured its heart and art into making a unique identity for the brand that remains rooted in the organization’s cause but reaches the world.

The earlier logo and branding were hastily put together and thus lacked visual flexibility, and the logo had pictorial elements that didn’t respond well to changes in scale and usage. The new logo is a combination logo that features a bold typeface and the non-profit’s iconic bucket.

The brand color palette is made up of bold and cheeky yellows and turquoise with soft undertones depicting an energetic and vibrant feel that resonates with the organization’s commitment to making dreams come true. These colors not only reflect the playfulness but also symbolize the optimism and joy that Bucket List strives to bring into the lives of underprivileged children.

The same playfulness is exhibited in the choice of fonts – Laundrina Bold and Allerta, radiating a fresh and contemporary look but also adding a touch of whimsy, echoing the youthful spirit of the children Bucket List supports. The fonts were carefully selected to ensure that the messaging was approachable, friendly, and easy to connect with, reinforcing the essence of the organization’s mission.

The brand’s communication was strategized to have a conversational volume with a proactive attitude and effervescent energy to echo both the empathy that Bucket List embodies and the joy that is characteristic of the children that it supports

The website showcases beautiful and unique illustrations that capture the innocence of the children and the hope for a better future. This cohesive visual storytelling is aimed to engage the audience and emotionally connect them to the cause. With a user-friendly website, navigation is a breeze, ensuring that visitors can quickly access information about the organization’s mission, initiatives, and success stories. The website is designed to offer a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience while maintaining clarity in presenting the core message – that dreams can come true.

Icons were made to cohesively communicate as well as impressionably embody the brand’s innocence and playfulness.

In addition to the digital presence, we also extended the brand’s impact through various offline materials. We created brochures, invitations, apparel, and certificates that carry the new identity. These materials reflect the reimagined brand and help in building a cohesive and memorable brand experience for stakeholders and supporters. But SimplePlan has been more than a one-time branding partner; whether it’s crowdfunding for school admissions or boosting participation in the national events, we’ve consistently assisted the non-profit in every endeavor to broaden its impact and outreach. Recently, we undertook a successful marketing campaign highlighting Bucket List’s participation in the Street World Cup 2023. The campaign aimed to showcase the resilience and determination of the children the non-profit supports and encouraged as many people as possible to witness the same. It emphasized their ability to face tough challenges, not just on the field but in life, and their unwavering spirit in pursuing their dreams.

SimplePlan’s enduring partnership with Bucket List continues to strive for a holistic approach to aid street-connected children in India, extending beyond mere resource provision. After all, it is never enough to just live, one should read, dream, laugh, create, and accomplish their bucket list, uninhibited and unrestrained.


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