Dorna Robotics, dedicated to continual innovation, serves as a one-stop shop for automation solutions, driven by a core mission to democratize accessibility.







Dorna Robotics, a US-based brand, transforms the future of automation into today's reality with its user-friendly, cost-effective, and high-performance robots, making automation a viable choice for businesses of all sizes.

Dorna Robotics, a US-based brand, transforms the future of automation into today’s reality with its user-friendly, cost-effective, and high-performance robots, making automation a viable choice for businesses of all sizes.

Dorna doesn’t just facilitate but inspires automation by providing unexampled accessibility and incredible efficiency.

Started in 2018 by a crew of engineers in California, Dorna Robotics has endeavored to create a platform that enables businesses to meet the demands of today’s automation environment including speed, scalability, and versatility of their applications. Dorna serves a diverse clientele, including prominent players in various industries such as healthcare, retail, automotive, and aerospace manufacturing. They also extend their solutions to universities, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses seeking to incorporate automation into their operations and foster growth.

The Challenge

The industrial automation market, in its current state, is highly competitive and rapidly evolving. Dorna’s branding challenges arose from the need to navigate this dynamic landscape and establish a distinct and trusted identity for Dorna Robotics.

Their old website didn’t provide enough information about the products. So, even though their robots were functional, their website and communication weren’t. The website needed a better representation of the products in terms of designs, graphics, and images.

Additionally, creating a compelling and cohesive visual identity, along with effective digital and offline marketing efforts was necessary to enhance brand visibility and trust in the industrial automation sector.

Dorna not only enables industrial automation but fuels it, offering unmatched efficiency and unparalleled ease in programming its robots.

SimplePlan rebranded and redesigned the Dorna website and the Dorna lab to solve its challenges – all within a span of 6 months. But the Dorna x SimplePlan collaboration didn’t end there, we also market their website and social media presence to generate leads, traffic, and awareness around its products.

How did SimplePlan do it?

SimplePlan successfully rebranded and redesigned the Dorna website to put forth its narrative more clearly. This was achieved through a comprehensive understanding of Dorna’s mission and approach towards its business and automation and executing its vision through these various channels:

Developing Dorna’s tone of voice

A consistent and uniform tone of voice inspires trust and lets the consumer identify with the brand. Factors like volume, sociability, attitude, and gender act as an ever-guiding compass for the brand voice and help it stand out in a noisy market. SimplePlan enlivened Dorna’s personality with a soft-spoken voice, poised energy, universal sociability, and cordial attitude for the following reasons:

  • The brand speaks in a soft-spoken voice to appear approachable and make the world of robotics less overwhelming.
  • With poised energy, the brand relays its dedication to making the industrial world faster and more precise.
  • By adopting a universal approach when speaking to clients, the brand tries to demystify the world of high-tech robotics and increase efficiency through its offerings.
  • Dorna Robotics has a cordial attitude so it can speak to various sectors and communicate how its multifunctional robots can aid in specialized functions across industries.
Because our communication had to be informing, inspiring, and accommodating, our voice was mature, calm, and understanding.
Dorna’s design concept

SimplePlan’s approach to Dorna’s brand identity was modern and minimalist, reflecting the pioneering role of Dorna’s robots in enhancing workplace efficiency. Additionally, they aim to make training and programming a robot accessible for non-experts too. This modern approach to the workforce and the simplicity of its product’s usage is what makes Dorna a truly modern brand.

It is this idea that is conveyed through our design. The color palette includes a vibrant yellow for a contemporary accent that pairs with black and white for a minimalistic and professional feel. The typography has been kept simple and sleek and the stylescape uses thin-line graphics that are animated for modern visual effects.

Card styles are specially designed to convey details while enhancing the brand’s visibility through their unique and effective styling, highlighting key information (product name and price), and letting the actual product speak for itself. In the hover state, the combination of black and yellow through images and typography makes the user comfortable while exploring the machines. The cards contain animated visuals of thin sleek lines that make the stylescape more dynamic.

The website, constructed on a strong conceptual foundation, seamlessly combines minimal, interactive, bold, and consistently branded colors and elements. Dorna’s website development strives to embody the futuristic yet approachable essence of its brand identity. The fluid transitions and engaging visuals enhance a minimal yet highly effective representation of the brand’s personality.

Dorna’s marketing

After completing the first phase of the project, SimplePlan went on to host marketing campaigns for the brand. Dorna’s marketing scope encompasses a comprehensive plan to enhance brand awareness and drive conversions. The focus was primarily on their website, undergoing necessary fixes. This involved in-depth project and competitor analysis, including keyword assessment, both on-page and off-page. A targeted content strategy, including blogs tailored to the audience, contributed to greater awareness and education. The user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) were optimized to enhance user engagement.

The results of these efforts revealed a notable increase in search engine traffic as soon as the campaign was launched. SEO activities and Google Search Ads drove impressive results, with over 5x more impressions, and 2x site clicks, at half the budget in the first 20 days itself. A multifaceted approach aimed to strengthen Dorna’s market presence and drive meaningful engagement.

Dorna’s robots are both simple and highly effective, positioning them as the most accessible and efficient choice for automation. Consequently, their branding and marketing demand nothing less than a bold, clear, and exceptionally professional approach, a standard that the SimplePlan team is splendidly achieving.







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